• HitGen Enters Into Research Collaboration with Global Blood Therapeutics

    Chengdu, China January 8, 2016 – HitGen LtD, a privately held drug discovery company that enables the extraordinary power of DNA encoded libraries with a patented proprietary platform to discover new therapeutic starting points, announced today a research collaboration with Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: GBT)…

    HitGen Enters Into Research Collaboration with Global Blood Therapeutics
  • OpenDEL® Introduction

    OpenDEL® is a collection of around 145 million DNA encoded library compounds based on more than 70 distinct, diverse, drug like core structures or templates. The relevance of this collection is demonstrated by a recent affinity screen of OpenDEL® libraries that generated hits which are selective inhibitors of ROCK2 with IC50 of 50nM and a novel chemotype.

    OpenDEL® Introduction
  • Greeting from CEO

    At HitGen, we will do our utmost to understand your business and scientific needs, and to build long-term partnership through high quality and efficient delivery and effective interactions. I look forward to working with you and your organization.

    Greeting from CEO
  • Lead Generation by DNA Encoded Chemical Libraries (DELs)

    Using our powerful platform, we provide our partners services which focus on quality, speed and efficiency, delivering value for money. Our products and services include Targets to Hit/Leads, Hits/Leads Expansion, as well as progressing selected programmes to pre-clinical and early clinical stages.

    Lead Generation by DNA Encoded Chemical Libraries (DELs)
  • Protein Expression and Crystallization

    HitGen has a well-established platform in protein expression (E.coli, Baculoviral, and Mammalian systems), protein purification and protein crystallography. Relying on rich experience in the field of drug discovery and development, HitGen protein and purification team is capable of providing you high quality recombinant protein and protein complex for enzyme based assay, screening, protein interaction and protein crystallization.

    Protein Expression and Crystallization
  • High-throughput Sequencing

    HitGen has established an Illumina HiSeq 2500 based next-generation DNA sequencing platform. Our DNA sequencing laboratory is built under strict accordance with requirements of ISO17025. HitGen high throughput platform now offers DNA sample preparation and sequencing service including exome capture sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, metagenome sequencing and so on.

    High-throughput Sequencing
HitGen: Advancing Innovative Drug Discoveries

Target to Hits/Leads

Custom compound libraries

Collaborative Drug Discovery Programmes with Partners

Research Support

HitGen is a life science company with a focus on hit identification and lead generation. Our core capabilities include medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, high speed synthesis, cell and molecular biology, in vitro screening and selection. Our core assets are large, diverse and high quality encoded chemical libraries.

We provide products and services to our partners which enable them to progress targets to hits/leads, and eventually to pre-clinical and early clinical stages.


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